I’m Retiring

Sad to Say…

It’s with some sadness that I am announcing my upcoming retirement from Books Rio V.  I will be celebrating (or regretting) my 80th birthday at the beginning of August, and Hale and I need to plan for a future that requires less time and energy.  I hope to keep the store open until sometime in October, and I hope even more strongly that some person or organization will want to take it over and continue to serve the Rio Vista community.  If you are interested, please let me know.

I will no longer accept book donations unless arranged before this announcement. Please consult your local Friends of the Library, or the Trilogy library if you live there, concerning donations. Also, I will provide information to my trade credit customers about modifications to our trade credit policies.

I am grateful for the support of this community, and have enjoyed every minute of my time on Main Street.  I look forward to seeming you in the coming weeks.