Local Artists

Attention Local Artists

Local Artists are invited to discuss display opportunities with us.
We plan to rotate artwork on a monthly basis.

This month's artists are:

Judith Archambault Oil
Lori Azzolino Watercolor
Linda Fead Oil
June & Mike Skvorzov Photography
Jan Vick Photography

We will not sell the artwork, but encourage the provision of contact and price information.  We will be developing themes for the window display, which will change at two-week intervals, and will usually select items that coordinate with a display.

  Call or come in during open hours to see the current works and get more information.

Tentative Window Display Schedule

Please note that this is tentative. Also, the weeks of each don't line up neatly with the first falling on Monday, etc, so the start of a display may be a couple of days before or after the start of a month.
(Current) Africa
Rio Vista Chamber of Commerce
American History
Tour de France (bicycle race, and France in general)
Discover the Delta
Back to School
Sheep to Wool (demonstrations)
Airplanes (Airport day)
Motorcycles (Bass festival motorcycle show will take place in front of the store)
The Universe
Art and Artists
Local crafts
Winter Holidays (trains?)
Resolutions: Books you've always meant to read
Australia and the Pacific Rim
Caribbean, especially Jamaica