Submitting Books for Trade Credit

Trade Credit Policies

We accept books for trade credit.  Our policy is generous; a book that will be priced at $2 will generally receive $1 credit.  Credit is recorded by customer name in our computer, and can be used for any used-book purchase, most note cards and bookmarks, and sales tax.

We cannot accept more than one box of books at a time, as we do not have storage space for multiple boxes.  We do not accept audio tapes, VCR tapes, Reader’s Digest Condensed Books, Harlequin romances, encyclopedias, textbooks, or computer manuals more than 3 years old.  We do not accept magazines, or comic books other than Manga.  We may have to turn down otherwise acceptable books if we already have enough copies.

Most of our customers choose not to have us return the books we do not accept.  Customers wishing return must pick their books up within 2 weeks, or they will be donated or recycled.

We try to find homes for usable books (we donate hundreds of boxes every year to Solano and Napa county library sales), but most libraries and thrift shops have acceptance policies similar to ours.  Some books have no value for trade credit or donation, because they are damaged or out of date.  You can recycle your unusable books; paperbacks should be torn in half or thirds if they are thick.  Hardcover books should have the covers cut off and discarded, and any woven binding slit.  The landfill should be a last resort; because so little air circulates between the pages, books, magazines and newspapers take decades to disintegrate.

Your cooperation is very much appreciated.