Why Buy Locally?

They usually cost you less:

Solano County sales tax is lower than Sacramento, Yolo or Contra Costa counties

No gas or auto wear-and-tear costs or bridge tolls

No shipping charges! (Read those Amazon ads carefully; a book that costs 1¢ plus $3.99 shipping is not a 1¢ purchase, and different sellers don’t combine shipping—three 1¢ books can cost $12, not $4.02)

Your purchases benefit Rio Vista:

Part of the sales tax paid in Rio Vista is income directly to the City of Rio Vista

Another part of any sales tax paid in Solano County supports Rio Vista through County services and expenditures

Purchases from Friends of the Library and Books Rio V support local libraries

Any purchases made in Rio Vista help keep our community economically viable

And Finally:

You can examine the books at your leisure to be sure they suit your purposes, and sometimes get reviews from people you know!